vrijdag 27 november 2020| 12:30

Webinar ‘Event sourcing: step by step’.

In 2020 gaven we tijdens de lunch op vrijdag een online meetup aan alle developers in Nederland. De ene week was de sessie gericht op backend, de andere week op frontend. De online sessies werden live op YouTube gehouden. De talk van Gerard Klijs ging over 'Event sourcing: step by step'.

De talk van Gerard gaat over:

Rather than advocating to go full on event sourcing I will share my experiences using event sourcing in different degrees. You will learn some of the key aspects of event sourcing, and how to implement the ideas in a practical way.With a couple of examples from the trenches I will go from event streaming to full event sourcing. Along the way describing the pro's and con's about making the architecture more about events and less about state. In practice most examples were implemented using Apache Kafka, so that will come up. But for the sake of the talk it could be a message queue in most cases.For the full event sourcing solution the framework Axon will be used. This is also the exception to the rule. As it's not a real world example. But a demo using cqrs, that originally was built with Apache Kafka.

De sessie is al geweest en kan je hier bekijken.


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