vrijdag 13 november 2020| 12:30

Webinar ‘OAuth2 - lets get it implemented'

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In 2020 gaven we tijdens de lunch op vrijdag een online meetup aan alle developers in Nederland. De ene week was de sessie gericht op backend, de andere week op frontend. De online sessies werden live op YouTube gehouden. De talk van Matthijs Tolkamp ging over ‘OAuth2 - lets get it implemented'.

De talk van Matthijs gaat over: 

Security is still a hot topic in our field. It is very important to only give the right people and systems access to certain data and functionality. With authentication we can identify these individuals and with authorization we grant them the correct access.
OAuth2 is the industry standard protocol for authorization. It is a relative easy and straightforward protocol that is used in a lot of web applications. 
This talk will be a follow up on the introduction talk about authentication and authorization. We will focus on implementing different strategies of the OAuth2 standard making use of spring security features.

De sessie is al geweest en kan je hier bekijken.


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