vrijdag 25 september 2020| 12:30

Webinar ‘Managing your state in lit-HTML'.

Screenshot Devvalley Java Meetup - Evenement

In 2020 gaven we tijdens de lunch op vrijdag een online meetup aan alle developers in Nederland. De ene week was de sessie gericht op backend, de andere week op frontend. De online sessies werden live op YouTube gehouden. De talk van Matthijs Vliegenthart ging over 'A dive into lit-HTML with OpenWC (Part2) - Managing your state in lit-HTML'.

De talk van Matthijs gaat over:

Now that we’ve taken a look at how you can start developing in lit-HTML and you have all the correct tools to make your lit-HTML development process as smooth as possible, we can look at some techniques with whom we dive deeper into lit-HTML and take our webcomponent or application into the 21st century. This time we dive into the world of State Management. What are the best ways to retrieve data from, for example, a back-end API and store this within your application, ready to use anywhere! We’ll take a look at HauntedJS, a simple library which allows us to use React Hooks within lit-HTML and we’ll try to enhance the standard Redux pattern into a much better and smoother developing experience.

De sessie is al geweest en kan je hier bekijken.


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